About Mahony's

A po' boy (also po-boy, po boy, or poor boy) is a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana. Since its origins in the 1800s, the Po-Boy is one of New Orleans' favorite bites to eat. Despite their popularity, many of New Orleans' famous Po-Boy shops have begun to disappear. Mahony’s Po-Boy Shop is a tribute/throw-back to the old neighborhood Po-Boy shops of New Orleans in order to counter the disappearing Po-Boy. We combine fresh local ingredients and Chef Ben’s family recipes to create new and classic versions of New Orleans favorite sandwich.

Executive Chef Ben Wicks is the culinary inspiration behind Mahony’s. Born and bred in New Orleans, Ben grew up at a time when there was a neighborhood po-boy shop on practically every corner. Soon after Hurricane Katrina, Ben became frustrated with the declining number of neighborhood restaurants and quality po-boys. He decided it was time to pay tribute to the old school po-boy shop and open one of his own. Chef Ben brought his fine dining background and love of traditional dishes together to develop the perfect New Orleans po-boy recipes.

Maw Maw came to the U.S. from Gifu Prefecture, Japan in 1950. Maw Maw is Mahony's own personal cheerleader and mascot (she's actually Chef Ben's Grandmother). Filled with cheer, Maw Maw delights everyone's hearts every day, delivering Po-Boys from the kitchen to the tables. Most people won't admit it, but they secretly come to Mahony's just to see Maw Maw bounce out of the kitchen carrying a dozen Po-Boys on her tray.